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Pick a room, follow a character, explore the library. 

Meet the sins in their own skin.

Created by Thistle Dance, The Art of Sin is the second of our Unbound Series: a spooky, immersive dance experience that spans the three floors of the Jefferson Market New York Public Library and is free to attend. 

This October, our exhibition of iniquity explores the entwined relationships between the seven deadly sins. Shadow them floor-by-floor and room-to-room for an unrepentantly provocative night. We’ll reframe what are often considered our worst parts and unveil each sin in its own skin. 

Whether you choose to visit us for a single show or spend your whole evening with us, we’ll have you dying – for more.


Tickets are FREE! Presented Fridays in October at the Jefferson Market Library


Thank you for another great UNBOUND.
See you next year!



We will begin check in 15 min before your show's start time.

The doors will open at the designated time and the experience will immediately start.

The show consists of three floors, and the format is open world. You will start as a group, and have the opportunity to explore throughout the show. You can remain with one sin or bounce between them. 

We encourage you to follow your impulses.

At the conclusion of each show, you will exit the house.

You will be given the option to loop around to the right and join us for the next show, or leave left to exit. We highly suggest seeing the show multiple times, as it is impossible to see everything in one go.

There are no restrooms available during the show, so please use the facilities prior to joining us.

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