at the intersection of

theatre & concert dance

Rooted in the creative mind of Kristen Brooks-Sandler, this uninhibited company dares our (bedtime) stories to be a little darker. Using movement as a language, Thistle blends the most dynamic elements of traditional theatre and concert dance into productions that are as communicative as they are compelling. Whether revisiting a familiar tale with a fresh point of view or sharing a piece you might have never heard before, you are sure to experience storytelling like never before with Thistle.


the artistry

in each of us 

Artistry dwells within all of us. Some have cultivated theirs and have easier access to it, but that shows us that a stronger relationship with the art in ourselves is possible for everyone. Thistle creates environments that support this growth, for company members and audience alike. No matter how you come to us, you are part of the creative process.


grace from the grotesque 

Thistle’s ability to contort the traditional moments and movements of dance allows for the creation of something wonderfully strange. Our process actively makes space for individuality. Company members often inform the story, and our audiences are invited to indulge their curiosities with us. The work is visceral, and engaging with it is bewitching.