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How The Process Works

1. Learn the Thistle Dance Audition Combination on your own time, at your own pace. We take submissions on a rolling basis.

2. Record yourself performing the combination. See our Guidelines here

3. Submit through our submission form

4. Add to your contacts, to make sure our communications don't go to SPAM

5. After submitting, we will contact you with one of two communications:

A. You will be informed that you have been passed through round one, and we will reach out to schedule an interview.

B. We'll give you some feedback and things to work on. You can work on them, and resubmit whenever you want.


Once passed through the audition and interview, will be in contact about project specific callbacks and future projects.

You do not have to resubmit for 3 years. (unless you want to!)

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  • Make sure we can see your whole body while dancing the combination. We recommend setting up your recording, marking through the combination, and making sure you never go off camera.

  • Please record yourself from the front, or through a mirror. We want to see all the details of the combination, as well as your acting ability.  ​

  • Show us your magic. No two Thistle Dance company members dance alike. We are all about creative collaboration, so show off your personal interpretation of the movement. 

  • Have Fun!

When Uploading

  • TITLE your video

    • [Your Name] : Thistle Dance Audition Combo 2023

  • Make sure your video is set to PUBLIC

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