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  • Materials: poly coated cotton, brass main button, brassrivets, brass buttons, brass zipper, cotton fabric, brass zipper


  • Slicer
    men and women's slim fit trousers. .

  • The coated material is limited, so a maximum of 40 pieces can be made.
    Coated cotton that looks and feels like leather I.e 95% cotton and 5% poly coating. The outside is the coating and the inside is the cotton. The fabric can actually be used both ways, I chose to use the coating on the outside as it looks like leather.
    These slim fit trousers are a perfect example of practical and functional induced style.
    Low and deep pockets are better than high waist pockets. Everything in my shop has reason in design and does not allow for discomfort in design.
    Expandable knee pads to help ease comfort while riding or outdoor activity. They're padded to give you a little cushioning when necessary.
    You can see it expand in the pics, the black bits above and below the knees are the ones that allow opening and closing or adjustment.
    The Bottom of the trousers also open out to go over boots with ease. These are on the back of the trousers, which is completely different from the rest of the trousers and shorts I make that have them on the insides.


Slicer Motorcycle Pants

SKU: BP0006
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