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THISTLE was created on the belief that dance is entertainment and activism simultaneously

Check out how we are practicing sustainability in the arts through our programs below



“Skeleton Key” is a free service which provides a weekly creativity prompt for artists of all disciplines. We feature the shared work on our website weekly to create a community & sustainable practice of creativity.

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Environmental Sustainability


Thistle is working to be a green organization -  and helping others do the same.

Thistle is working with Green diva Samantha Lawton & Sustainable costume designer Megan Quarles to ensure that Thistle is not only an environmentally friendly company, but also friendly toward other forward minded arts organizations working to reduce their carbon footprint, and even offering sustainably minded consulting for those that don’t know where to start.

building sustainable growth in our community


It is our responsibility as artists to help each other blossom, and so we are working to create a scholarship fund named after the incredible queen of perseverance, Stephanie Bissonnette. 


The Stephanie Bissonnette Scholarship Program allows applicants to tell us what they want to learn, and we will facilitate the connections necessary for them to learn it. We are happy to be honoring her while investing in the development of the our artists and audiences alike.

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